addtext_com_MTYwNjA4NDY2NzAAquamarine is an elusive gem. On a worldwide basis there are people mining for aquamarine all the time.  Much labor and capital is expended to find this elusive gem.  If the public knew just how difficult it is to find aquamarine and bring it to market there would be a run on the aqua market and make it even more expensive and hard to obtain.  There is an old saying that for there to be a market for strawberries everybody has to taste at least one berry.  Aqua is in such short supply that even March babies only infrequently own their birthstone.  We at Gems At Large have been successful in bringing lots of aqua to our USA customers at better prices than they have seen before.  Enjoy the photo of this pair of 9mm aquas—unusual this large in round stones.  All our best

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    • Hi Phyllis—great to hear from you. The easy answer for this pair of aquas would be to put them into earrings. They match closely enough in color and size. We will add them to our store probably in October. We have a number of items we’re waiting to put on then. Meanwhile all the our best for a great summer!!!—John & Laura

    • Phyllis—please go to our store at and sign up for our email list. We send out emails to our friends with announcements and most especially when we have a sale with special pricing. You have been with us such a long time we want you to the the best items at the best prices—best—J&L

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