About John and Laura Ramsey

John and Laura Ramsey are two of the most respected names and industry pioneers in the field of gemstone jewelry.

Over the past four decades, the Ramseys have been intimately involved at all levels of the wholesale gem and jewelry trade—from the gemstone mines of Thailand, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and East Africa, to their own television home jewelry shopping show “Gems at Large®” in the United States, Great Britain, and Canada, through which they gained millions of loyal viewers and clients.

As a team, John and Laura have created countless high-quality, custom jewelry pieces—a blending of John’s expertise in rare and exotic gemstones coupled with Laura’s exquisite talent for design; they have also authored three seminal books on the field of gemstone education and identification.

Today, John and Laura spend much of their time serving the jewelry needs of private customers and celebrities (when they’re not enjoying their favorite creative hobbies). If you treasure rare and high quality gems and enjoy collecting exquisitely designed jewelry, you are invited to contact the Ramseys for a private consultation.

World-Class Gems, World-Class Designs

John Ramsey is unparalleled both as a gem collector and a gem cutter—many of the gems he has cut are currently on display in major collections and museums, including the Smithsonian Institution, the American Museum of Natural History, the Canadian National Museum, and Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History. Learn more about John Ramsey >

Fine Star Ruby with Quartz crystals

Laura has likewise become known for her uniquely fresh, world-class jewelry designs—often featuring exquisite, exotic gems hand-selected and cut by John—which have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales across three countries. Learn more about Laura Ramsey >

Throughout all of their efforts, John and Laura are known for their honesty, integrity, and their approach to providing in-depth educational information about jewelry and gemstones. As they love to say, “A knowledgeable customer is a happy customer!”

8 thoughts on “About John and Laura Ramsey

  1. I purchased your 2carat 18 gold anniversary ring from shop nbc when you sold on the site and it has been stolen. I am heartbroken and would like to replace it. Do you sell anywhere? I have my original receipt, but did not take a picture of it.

    • Hi Gwendolyn, we hope to add a store to our website (Ramseygems.com ) relatively soon. A good place to keep up with is is Facebook. Our site there is Gems At Large. There’s a link from WordPress to the Facebook site. Have you purchased our gems or jewelry before?

  2. John and Laura,
    I love your jewelry! I have the ring in the picture in the upper right corner of your web page. The ring on the far right. I would love to purchase the matching earrings that you sold once upon a time on Shop NBC. Do you have them available for sale?

  3. John and Laura,
    Just like Sharon Hess who posted here on June 10th of 2014, I purchased one of your stunning bridge rings on Shop NBC when you were selling there. Unlike Sharon, I do not have a purchase receipt, but I do have photographs of the ring. My beautiful bridge ring was stolen almost three years ago. Every time I think about it, I run a Google image search on a photo of my ring, in hopes someone might be selling a similar one in an estate sale, on eBay, etc. I have not had any luck so far. I can email you photos and would be so grateful if you would take a look to see if it might be possible to replace. Of all the jewelry I lost that day, this particular bridge ring was my very favorite piece.

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