The Giant Kunzite Crystal

kunzite big roughEdited Kunzite Sawing photoKunzite group photo rough to cut

720 ct kunzite

Giant 720+ carat kunzite cut by John Ramsey and featured in Gems and Gemology.

A long time ago we were offered the opportunity to purchase the large kunzite crystal shown in the photo at the very top of this post. It weighed in at about 1 kilo which equals about 5,000 carats. After days of thinking and figuring we sawed the gem as you can see in the second photo. In photo #2 the sawed pieces are sitting on the saw itself. It was a nervous time but we were lucky and the sawing came out just fine.
In the third photo you can see the sawed pieces, one finished piece, and one preformed piece attached to the “dop” which fits into the faceting machine. Finally in the fourth photo you will see the largest finished piece which came out at about 720+ carats.
The largest two pieces wound up being sold to a gem dealer one of which he told me would wind up in his personal collection.
The third largest piece wound up in the collection of a university on the East Coast. The 230 carat “baby” of the group wound up with a gem dealer.

4 thoughts on “The Giant Kunzite Crystal

  1. I love these that you send. Sometimes they are too short and I’d like more. I miss you guys and bring able to buy your jewelry!! Great pictures. But sometimes like this one mentioned about being such a large stone, is hard to tell with the stone all by itself. How about adding at least one shot of something recognizable for scale such as a quarter, or a ruler or the tip of a pen if small (not usually your issue) or holding one in the hand or fingers. Or something we could recognize the size. Just a suggestion. I don’t have a feeling for the size at all here. But just LOVE the beautiful pictures.

    Thanks from a fan, Cindi

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