Romanov Illustrated Volumes of Jewelry to be Auctioned

Romanov Illustrated Volumes Jewelry

Two volumes of illustrated jewelry albums will soon be up for bid at the London auction house of Bonham. The albums belonging to Ksenia Aleksandrovna, the Grand Duchess of Russia, catalogue the jewelry items she received from 1880-1912.

The catalogue served to record the exceptionally expensive belongings of the daughter of Tsar Aleksander III and sister to Nicholas II. The albums also serve as a diary and report of who presented her with gifts and when they were presented. The catalogues contain color illustrations and information on the occasion the gift was presented.

For 32 years the albums recorded the development and evolution of style in jewelry design. Including antique pieces and eventually Art Nouveau and Art Deco the albums follow 32 years of life for Ksenia; from a young girl through the births of her seven children. Many holidays and life events were marked with custom designed jewelry pieces to honor the events. Fabulous items such as an exquisite emerald, ruby and sapphire sets along with a diamond necklace, tiara and the pear collier-de-chien were gifts from Grand Duchess’s parents.

These albums recording the provenance of the jeweled gifts will be auctioned at the Bonham House in London on November 30, 2011.

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