Birthstone Spotlight: April Diamond


The word “Diamond” is probably the most emotionally charged word in the entire lexicon of gems. Diamond is the most sought after gem in the world. Whether or not the diamond deserves this pinnacle is up for debate, but the fact that the diamond sits on the pinnacle is not.

This is due to many factors:

1. Diamonds are beautiful to the eye.
2. Diamonds tend to last.
3. There are enough to go around. Well sort of…..
4. They are well promoted.

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The Argyle Pink Jubilee Diamond

Argyle pink diamondFancy colored diamonds have always captured, well, peoples’ fancy! So when Rio Tinto announced that a large pink diamond was discovered at their Argyle mine in the East Kimberly Region of Western Australia, I could hear the collective sighs of delight.

Fancy diamonds include the colors red, blue, purple, yellow, brown and of course pink, with varying color grades of each. Now more than ever fancy colored diamonds are receiving attention. Collectors vie for ownership, museums delight in displaying such diamonds and famous celebrities choose the pink diamond as the ultimate engagement ring…

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