John And Laura Ramsey Offer High Quality Gemstone Jewelry

John and Laura Ramsey are among the most acknowledged names in the field of gems and jewelry. Owing to their experience of forty years, they are able to offer their clients matchless pieces of jewelry. They firmly believe that a well informed customer is a happy customer and thus have always been passionate about educating clients about gems. While embarking on their jewelry making journey, they had developed a “business-through-education” philosophy and have been following it ever since. With the aim to reach out to gem enthusiasts around the world, they have even authored three books – The Collector/Investor Handbook of Gems, The Gem Collector’s Handbook, and Gem Chronicles: The Early Years. All the books have been enjoyed and appreciated by people worldwide.

Apart from holding a wealth of knowledge about gems, John and Laura Ramsey’s insistence on quality and fair dealing has also won them great recognition. The fact that they offer high quality gemstone jewelry at genuine rates has enabled them to retain customers and build a long association with gem collectors. The Ramseys have spent twenty years in the wholesale gem and jewelry trade. During this time period, they traveled to the gem mining districts of the world like Thailand, Brazil, East Africa, and Sri Lanka. These extremely important years of their life helped them gain exposure and add to their knowledge.

The world class jewelry by John and Laura Ramsey has always been a product of their combined efforts. Mr. Ramsey is known for his excellent gem cutting skills while Mrs. Ramsey has a recognized ability for design. In fact, gems cut by Mr. Ramsey are included in the major collections of museums like The Smithsonian Institution, The American Museum of Natural History, Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, The Royal Ontario Museum, The Canadian National Museum, and many others.

Both of them are also familiar faces to TV home shopping audiences in the United States, Great Britain, and Canada. As a pioneering effort they offered their jewelry on television and the response they received was overwhelming. Their popularity has not come down since then. For more information about John and Laura Ramsey or their wonderful collection of gemstone jewelry, you can visit You can even contact them at

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