John And Laura Ramsey Are Highly Skilled At Converting Exotic Gems Into Attractive Jewelry Pieces

John and Laura Ramsey are counted amongst the most respected names in the field of gemstone jewelry. Having a rich experience of almost four decades in the industry, they are able to offer their clients the best jewelry designs. Both of them are familiar faces to the television home shopping audiences in countries like The United States, Canada, and Great Britain. Owing to their excellent knowledge and educational style of providing information to the viewers, it took them no time to ensure the success of their program. Presently, they are catering to the jewelry needs of a large segment of customers including private customers as well as famous celebrities. The Ramseys have even authored three books based on gemstone jewelery, particularly for gem collectors and gem connoisseurs worldwide.

Previous Experience Of John And Laura Ramsey

Before appearing on television to sell their exquisite jewelry pieces, Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey spent almost twenty years in the wholesale gem and jewelery trade industry. During this period, they traveled to several gem mining districts of the world, like Thailand, Brazil, Sri Lanka, East Africa, and more. Their visit to these places helped them gain exposure and improve their knowledge about gems.

Achievements Of The Ramseys

John Ramsey is a notable gem expert. Many gems cut by him are included in the major collections and museums such as the Smithsonian Institution, American Museum of Natural History, Canadian National Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, and many others. His wife Laura has also made a name for herself as a high end jewelry designer. She holds an experience of thirty four years in designing exclusive custom jewelry. Together Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey have also authored three books on the world of gemstones and travel.

Hobbies Of John And Laura Ramsey

In free time, John likes collecting gems, writing, and flying, while his wife Laura prefers other activities like photography, watercolor art, gardening, volunteering, and designing jewelry. She also likes to work with local, national, and international charities.

For more information, you can check out the official website of the Ramseys i.e. or email them at

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