Gems At Large® writes: Price Point vs. Quality Point

Golden ring isolated on the white background gem pictures 097 (3)We’ve all heard from time to time the term Price Point. Mostly this is a trade term used in business to business talk. People in many businesses try to “hit a price point.” It is a fact that it is possible to crank the cash register more frequently with more affordable items. Unfortunately in many cases this means cheapening a product until it really is not as good as we all might want. How many products have we all bought that seem like a great deal due to an attractive price only to regret the lack of quality—clothing that lasts only a wearing or two, a water faucet that lasts only a year or two, and on and on. I’ll bet that we could generate thousands of examples amongst ourselves. Our goal with Gems At Large® has always been to put quality ahead of price. Look at the difference between the two rings in the photos. The light weight flimsy looking ring is a stock photo of what we would call a “price-point” ring. The shank is so flimsy it is what we refer to as a dental floss shank—so light weight and flimsy that a good firm hand shake would seemingly bend it into a different shape. The nice looking other ring is a Gems At Large® ring. In the Gems At Large® ring quality was the first consideration. Of course in the Gems At Large® ring cost more—it didn’t hit a price point. It achieved what we, here at Gems At Large® have come to call a Quality Point™.
There are plenty of places to buy price point merchandise. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to find and enjoy Quality Point™ gems and jewelry. Our goal is to make quality available–as affordably as we can–with our years traveling the world seeking and finding world quality gems and jewelry.
Another word important here is “value.” Value is actually irrespective of price. An item of good value is one that is priced fairly for what it is. An item may have a low price and still be a poor value if it is not even worth the low price. On the other hand an item may be quite expensive and still be a good value—if it is worth the price paid.

John and Laura Ramsey report Gem News—

Exciting news this year in a world seeming somewhat depleted of fine colored gems: two great finds…

First, there has been found what may be a 50 ton boulder of Jadeite in Hpakant, Burma.  Depending upon what could be the final weight of the boulder and the quality of the jadeite therein a possible several billion dollar rock.  Yes, that’s billion with a “b.”

Also reported to be found is a new pocket of rubellite tourmaline in Brazil.  The mine—the famous Cruzeiro mine.  All the rough has already been sold.  The find was in the 10’s of millions of dollars.  Already sent off to the ends of the world.

Green mold in the hollow of a rockiStock_000039037084Small

John and Laura Ramsey Talk About Emeralds

Columbian emeralds rawWith emerald being the birthstone for May, it is always fun to get back into thinking of emerald green and the renewal of spring.

The appreciation of emerald goes back centuries. Holy scriptures of East Indian by the Vedas wrote in Sanskrit of emeralds and their promotion of good luck and good health.

While emeralds are appreciated the world around, certain cultures prize them more than others. As spring unfolds here in the Pacific Northwest it is easy to appreciate the color green and the gem world’s best known representative of green: the emerald.

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A Tribute to Evelyn H. Lauder

Evelyn_LauderI wanted to write a blog post about a dear lady I was lucky enough to come to know: Evelyn Lauder, the visionary Founder and Chairman of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (established in 1993).

John and I have been proud to donate some of our gemstones in jewelry over the years to help raise money for Breast Cancer Research. That is how I met Evelyn Lauder—daughter-in-law of the cosmetics giant Estee Lauder—in my hometown of New York City. We quickly discovered we had many things in common, including a love of photography, and both of us had written several books—Evelyn’s “An Eye for Beauty” was my favorite.

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Find Everything You Want to Know about Gems and Jewelry from John and Laura Ramsey

If you’ve been searching for a place to find facts about gems and jewelry, look no further than the expertise of John and Laura Ramsey. Their many years of experience in the gem and jewelry business enable them to provide honest, reliable, easy-to-understand and interesting facts about gemstones and jewelry.

Their sole mission? Education. If you visit their main website, you’ll notice it is not a sales website—because their goal is not to conduct transactions.  Their passion is to educate as many individuals and gem collectors as possible about identifying quality gems and jewelry.

John and Laura Ramsey Have the Perfect Gems and Jewelry for Collectors

John and Laura Ramsey are popular and well known names in the field of gems and jewelry. For a long time they appeared on television home shopping shows and provided the viewers of those shows a chance to get the highest quality gems and exquisite gemstone and diamond jewelry. Each and everything that they have ever offered to their viewers has been well received.

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John And Laura Ramsey Are Known As One Of The Best In The Industry Of Gemstone Jewelry

John And Laura Ramsey have a huge knowledge of gemstone jewelry and they both know how to provide quality and fair prices for gems and this is the reason why they have gained such a great recognition in the field. The fact that they offer high quality gemstone jewelry at reasonable prices has enabled them to receive customers and build a long-term relationship with them.

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John And Laura Ramsey Have Visited Several Gem Mining Districts Of The World

John and Laura Ramsey have a huge knowledge of gemstone jewelry. They both believe in high quality and fair dealing of gems and that is why they have earned a great reputation in the field. The fact that they offer high quality gemstone jewelry at fair prices has made then able to gain the customers trust and make a long-term relationship with them. Both of them have spent nearly 40 years of their life in the wholesale trade of gem and jewelry. During that time, they visited manyl gem mining districts of the world including Brazil, Thailand, East Africa, and Sri Lanka. All these travels have helped them get exposure and their knowledge.

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John And Laura Ramsey Are Highly Recognized For Offering World Class Jewelry

John And Laura Ramsey are some of the most respected names in the industry of gems and jewelry. Their passion for jewelry making can be evaluated from the very fact that they spent almost twenty years of their life in the wholesale gem and jewelry trade, traveling to various gem mining districts of the world, including East Africa, Thailand, Brazil, and Sri Lanka. They later appeared on TV and in no time became familiar faces to the television home shopping audiences in countries like the US, Canada, and Great Britain. Their unique style of offering information about gems and telling about their products immediately caught the attention of viewers. Their program grew quickly and led to an overwhelming response from customers in all three countries.

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John And Laura Ramsey – Best In The Field Of Gemstone Jewelry

Gems cut by John Ramsey are shown in the prime museums such as The American Museum of Natural History, The Smithsonian Institution, The Royal Ontario Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, The Canadian National Museum, and many others. The top class gemstone jewelry by John and Laura Ramsey has always been a product of their combined efforts. Mrs. Laura Ramsey has an amazing ability for designing, and Mr. John Ramsey is highly renowned for his exceptional gem cutting skills and great techniques.

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