John And Laura Ramsey – Best In The Field Of Gemstone Jewelry

Gems cut by John Ramsey are shown in the prime museums such as The American Museum of Natural History, The Smithsonian Institution, The Royal Ontario Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, The Canadian National Museum, and many others. The top class gemstone jewelry by John and Laura Ramsey has always been a product of their combined efforts. Mrs. Laura Ramsey has an amazing ability for designing, and Mr. John Ramsey is highly renowned for his exceptional gem cutting skills and great techniques.

John and Laura Ramsey have a lot of knowledge about gemstone jewelry and they both know how to offer the best quality and fair prices for gems and this is why, they have gained such immense recognition in the field. The fact that they provide high quality gemstone jewelry at affordable prices has enabled them to get customers and build a long-term relationship with them. Both of them have given over 40 years of their life in the wholesale trade of gem and jewelry. During that time, they have visited many gem mining districts of the world that include Brazil, Thailand, East Africa, etc. All these years helped them get good exposure and update their knowledge about their field.

Both of them are amongst the most popular names in the business of gems and jewelry. They have huge experience of over 4 decades, therefore are able to provide their clients the finest collection of jewelry. They know that a fully informed customer is a happy customer and this is why, they have always been exciting about delivering new information to their customers about gemstones. Since beginning, John and Laura Ramsey have been educating their customers through business and following it till now. With the prime objective of reaching out to all gem admirers all around the world, they have even written three books which include The Gem Collector’s Handbook, and Gem Chronicles: The Early Years. Their each and every book has been greatly appreciated by people all across the globe. For more information about John and Laura Ramsey or their unmatched collection of gemstone jewelry, you can visit You can even contact them at

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