John and Laura Ramsey write: Large-Clean-Red-Spinel a.k.a.: Unobtainium*

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As gems have become more widely known around the world spinel has become one of the beneficiaries. Always appreciated by gem connoisseurs, spinel has been gaining ground in popularity. If there had been large finds of spinel all through the years perhaps it would have been better known. But spinel is rare. How rare? That is always difficult to measure in a fragmented world market. One measure however is that large gems like our pictured stone cost thousands of dollars per-carat. This particular specimen is over 12 carats in weight. Other more widely available gems are still available for $20.00 per-carat or even less. That is probably the best measure of spinel’s rarity. It is difficult to find in the market—in large sizes, when you want it, in the cut you want and so forth—it is in better colors and larger sizes—unobtainium.

*The word “unobtainium” has been around for a few decades. One theory as to the origin of the term has it being invented by aerospace engineers as a material they would like to use but can’t find or afford in the creation of aero planes.

6 thoughts on “John and Laura Ramsey write: Large-Clean-Red-Spinel a.k.a.: Unobtainium*

  1. The color of the red spinel is glorious! One of the most treasured Ramsey Gems in my collection. Many thanks for this interesting post!

  2. I absolutely love your jewelry. I bought a beautiful 2ct diamond ring from your line yrs back on shop channel. The story I remember is John had given you a 5ct baguette an round diamond and 18k white gold ring. You loved it so much you shared it with your customer’s by making a smaller version of your ring. I bought that ring and enjoyed it for years unfortunately my husband passed in 2013 and I had to ell it to get by. Do you still make and sell similar rings or jewelry if so where may I go online. Thank you for coming back. I love your jewelry on Facebook. Sincerely Sue

    • Sue— thanks for your kind words. We are so sorry to hear about your husband. Also, to hear about your ring. We are going to open a store for our website which is We may bring back some of the old styles at a certain point. We hope to open the store very soon. We would have it open already but we’re working on a Rewards Program so we will be able to sell things to loyal customers at big discounts. The extra wait should be worthwhile. All our best— John & Laura

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