John and Laura Ramsey Offer An Elegant Collection of Gems and Jewelry

John and Laura Ramsey are famous personalities serving the jewelry industry for many years. They are recognized faces to television home shopping audiences in the United States, Great Britain, and Canada. Through their program, they educated clients on important information about gems. They followed a unique approach to educate clients on each aspect and this style of bringing information to the audience found great success with their viewers. They are passionate about enhancing jewelry collectors experience. Both John and Laura insist on quality and fair dealing with the customers.

Mr. Ramsey is enthusiastic about creating world class jewelry. Gems cut by him are a part of collection in most important museums in North America like The Smithsonian Institution, The American Museum of Natural History, Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History and others. He and his wife, Laura Ramsey, design pieces of jewelry that are known for their exclusivity and rarity. She is a talented and imaginative artist who works in a variety of media like watercolor, drawing, and colored pencil illustrations. She has been a designer of custom jewelry for over 34 years and has catered to elite class of clients including private customers and celebrities.

John and Laura Ramsey are the authors of three books on the world of gemstones and travel that are The Collector/Investor Handbook of Gems, The Gem Collector’s Handbook, and Gem Chronicles: The Early Years. These books have been enjoyed by gem enthusiasts worldwide. Photographs by Laura Ramsey have appeared in these books as well as other industry book publications and trade magazines.

Jewelry pieces created by them have won accolades from collectors worldwide for the unmatched grace and top rate quality. They are also recognized and loved for the excellent appearance and instilled beauty. You can get an insight about the beautiful creations by browsing through and you can also contact them at

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